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JD Services Management Property Rental in Waller, Prairie View, and Hempstead Texas

ALL OTHER PROPERTIES ARE CURRENTLY FULL. Please keep checking back for any updates!
Feel Free to email me for any other information

Contact Information

Email me for more information : WE3FISHES@GMAIL.COM

Payment Information

  • Electronic payment available at Pay Lease. This link will accept credit or debit charges, however YOU will be charged an additional fee, stated on your payment.
  • OR, you can use a free APP called Square Cash. Use my phone number and pay with debit card free.
  • OR You may continue to pay with money orders if you prefer.

    Housing Information

    • Prices are PER apartment, NOT per room. "You rent a front door, not a bedroom door"
    • $ 50.00 application fee per adult (18+), each adult must complete a separate application
    • Copy of Drivers License required by all
    • Students

    • Students not eligible for Single Family Homes. Eligible students welcome in all other rentals.
    • Students Must Have a 3.0 GPA or Higher
    • if you do not have a 3.0, the Lease Contract Guaranty may be completed by a qualified adult with good credit (check your credit for free once a year (www.annualcreditreport.com) appropriate income, submit drivers license, and pay an additional application fee.
    • Students can email unofficial transcript from Panther Tracks

    JD Services manages multiple rental properties in the Waller, Prairie View, and Hempstead area. Search the website to find available homes. We strive to provide excellent service and comfortable living.

    JDServices is a member of TAA. JDServices maintains beautiful and affordable properties for Prairie View A&M Students, families, and others in the Waller County and surrounding area.

    mention the word "door knob" and receive $5.00 off one application fee

    This website was last updated 1-9-18